Black screen

Dear Sam
Dear All
All problems of black screen has disappeared with latest update from December.
Thank you a lot !
That is the efficiency !

Best regards


Glad to hear this. Thanks for confirming.

It’s the same problem here but december update do not fix it. :frowning:

1-2 seconde black screen when playing movie since october update

I activate debug log on january 6 at around 9h40, reproduce the bug with “A Simple Favor (2018).mkv” movie and desactivate the debug log.

Here’s the log:

Good for you. Congrats, @Tolosatof :smile:

Does this happen regularly?
Have you tried a different hdmi cable?

There seems to be some sort of addon that’s hitting the database and the OSD all the while. I don’t know if that’s related but perhaps you could try with any non-OSMC addons disabled.

I did not try with a different HDMI cable or disable the plugins because the problem really appeared with the October update and when I applied the hotfix to reverse to the older version, the problem stopped . But when I made the December update, the problem appeared again. It appears only few time in a movie.

I just try to disabled all plugin except OSMC… I’ll let you know.

It did not work, he just did it twice.

You should enable Adjust Refresh Rate.

I just enable it. Let see. Thanks!

Here’s the log just after the black screen and before I Enable Adjust Refresh Rate as suggested by sam_nazarko.

Let see if it work.

The log shows that prior to this video was being played at the wrong refresh rate, so this certainly wouldn’t have helped!

I have simmilar issue, however only when using HDMI 4x2 matrix switch (with audio extractor to spdif).
Projector is PT-AT6000

The issue is with videos with 1080@50p or 1080@60p where i get either no signal, or PJ is trying to hunt to signal but never succeeds.

1080i50, 1080i60, 1080@24 , 720@60 and other (SD)
works fine.

HDMI cable to PJ is about 10m long , heavy gauge and quite old, however when connected directly to vero i can play 1080p50 and 1080p60 without any issue - eg i assume cable should have enough bandwidth.

I have tried different boot-up procedure for vero/matrix/pj , made sure to get the same EDID from matrix as would directly from PJ, but still no picture. Occasionally it can get a picture for few seconds but then it goes to black/no signal again.

Can I post here my logs or should i create new thread for this issue?