Black vertical line on right side of TV screen

A thin black vertical line on the right side of the TV screen always appears.
I’ve played with calibration and whatever else I think could get rid of it.
It displays in Kodi and when watching full screen movies, etc.
Any ideas on how to remove this?

Can you provide a picture of this?

Here is a pic of the screen with vertical line on right side.

Did you try different skins? Did you try a different HDMI cable and/or a different input on the TV? That doesn’t look like a software issue to me.

I’ll try some of the changes you suggest.
The HDMI cable used came with the vero4K.

Are you running the GUI at 1080p?
What is the make and model of the display?

GUI is set at 1080p
Display is a Samsung, about 10 years old, don’t know the actual model, too hard to get back there right now
The vero4K HDMI cable is plugged into my Denon AVR-790 receiver.
This setup has worked fine with everything I have hooked up now, and in the past.
Haven’t tried a different skin, but will give it go later tonight.

Try direct connection to TV temporarily if you can.
Post logs if it doesn’t work


The black vertical line is now appearing when watching regular TV.
So, the problem is not with the Vero4K.
Thanks for the help guys.
You can mark this as solved, closed, whatever.
I don’t see anywhere that I can do that on this site.
Is that one of things the mods do?