Blacklist resolution on Vero 4K+

Hi guys,

Finally made the jump to 4K! I’m currently running the Vero through a matrix to the TV. The TV is of course 3840 wide, but I do have some 4096 content on there as well.

The issue is that, thanks to the matrix, Kodi sees 4096 as a valid resolution and therefore it tries to play 4096 content at 4096, which doesn’t look great on the TV itself. I’m currently compensating for it by adjusting the overscan and the pixel AR, but ideally it would be great to somehow blacklist the resolution so that any 4096 content plays at 3840.

Is there anyway to do this on the Vero, aside from going into the matrix settings? Have already tried whitelisting every resolution apart from the 4096 options with no luck.

And, on a more general note, does the advice to keep the GUI at 1080 and have the auto switch resolution/refresh rate do the work still apply?

In order for the whitelist to work I believe you also have to have the adjust refresh rate enabled.

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Yes, if you don’t have the GUI at 1080 and Adjust Refresh Rate On Start/stop then as @darwindesign said the whitelist will not work properly.

What does it look like? My TV normally plays 4096 letterboxed, but it has settings to stretch the picture to full height (with the same aspect ratio) if that’s what you prefer.

Thanks! I currently have Adjust Refresh Rate Always. Let me try the whitelist again and get back to you…

@grahamh - it stretches from the left hand side, the right of the image is cropped off.

It appears having that combo 1080GUI/auto refresh rate and whitelisting did the trick! the 4096 content scaling to 3840 works as intended! Many thanks all.

Your UI resolution@framerate gets automatically whitelisted. This would mean that if you set your UI at 4k 60hz and only whitelisted HD then all content larger than HD would probably display at 4k 60hz and not downscaled as one might expect.