Blank home screen when trying to take the osmc skin to a new install off Isengard (15.2 kodi)


I am trying to get into skinning and I loving the feel and design of the osmc skin. That is way i trying to fork it for my own needs but I hit a problem now that I upgraded to the 15.2 resales of kodi i got the skin file to work in my 14.** can not remember what version exact, I only get the logo and the time/date on the home screen on a fresh install off kodi on the computer with windows 7. I fund the skin file in the osmc for raspberry pi version “OSMC December 2015 2015.12-3” latest according to the manual updater on the pi. any ides way this happened? any fixes something i need to add like a helper or do I need to add the MY OSMC addon?

// Alleckz