Blank Screen After OSMC Splash Screen

Hey Guys,

I’m having a little issue with my new Raspberry Pi 2. Last night I installed OSMC, Got my library’s all setup up and configured. This morning, I disconnected everything, as I was going to bring it into work to show everyone the awesomeness that is OSMC/Kodi.

I bring it in and hook it up here at the office and It boots up, I see it searching for a network connection, get the OSMC Splash screen, More text of everything “OK” and then blank black screen. (TV in our lunch room, and HDMI capable PC Monitor, used two different HDMI cables). Solid Power light and no more ACT light. I unfortunately cannot test any connections to until I get home as I don’t know what the IP is.

Any clue as to why this would all of a sudden be an issue?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. Please see for advice on how to help us.

Did you properly shut down and un mount any disks when you were at home?
If you didn’t, this might corrupt the files, and make the screen black.

I’m totally confused with why it would not boot at my office today. I got home, plugged it back into my TV with out changing anything and it instantly booted into Kodi after the splash screen.

Do you use a MySQL install ? If so, Kodi will hang on a black screen when the MySQL server can’t be reached…

Yes! I do, so that explains it. Do you know if there is any way to have it time out and load even if it cannot reach the MySQL server? I hoped that I could still be able to take it with me when traveling and play movies off a USB stick.

Best option would probably be to build another “mobile” installation on a second SDcard or possibly even as a secondary NOOBS installation on the same card.