Blank screen for multiple parts video

Hi same, when I watch videos that consist of multiple parts, after first part when second part is loading, I see either blank screen with audio only or a split video with audio. I think some else also reported this couple of months back and you said you will fix this in upcoming updates. I still don’t see this as fixed. Do you know when it’s scheduled?


It’s not schedule for fixing at present because we weren’t aware of this issue.
Please post a debug log if you can replicate this frequently




Is there any easy way for me to reproduce this?
Is this a new issue? I’m guessing not if you say it’s been around for a couple of months but if an update introduced this problem it would be good to know


Update: I found the link for earlier thread: Vero 4K - HDD connected - Audio but no picture with every second file I want to play - #12 by newsy

No, its not new issue. Its an issue since beginning of I got Vero 4k, which is 3/4 months.

I think it will be easy to reproduce if you have addon which try to play multiple video parts automatically one after another. After completing the first part, when it loads the second part it will load and play but no video or small section of video only.


I dont’ have but I sent the logs

We need complete logs, not a snippet… Also, knowing specifically what add-on demonstrates the behavior is necessary.

You are assuming that the Vero is the problem but first we must prove the issue is not the add-on.

Could it be that when the second video file is starting it takes a second or two for the TV as it’ll change refresh rate back to kodi settings then again to the new video file (if you’ve enabled adjust refresh rate setting)?

Who knows… We aren’t being given enough info to properly diagnose.

I suspect that the issue arises when playing a video which differs from the original (either in refresh rate or codec). Logs will allow me to gain further info regarding this.

I don’t think the issue is a delay in TV, because the video would show after the refresh rate change. But I’d like to know if a mode switch occurred and the logs would indeed show this.

Sorry for late reply. Here is the full log, I think.

I would suggest that you contact the developers of the addons that you are using. Lots of errors from them in your logs.