Blank Screen No Audio But Time is Progressing

Hi. Posting this problem on behalf of someone. He describes his problem as blank video and no audio. Stuck at buffering but when the on screen display is activated the time is progressing.

This is his log file

Any ideas why? I also asked him to transfer the 4GB file to the internal storage of the Vero 4K+ but the result is the same.

Also, I’m told the same video works on his old player.

I think a mediainfo on the file could help aswell, since it’s 2gb+ i would use windows mediainfo programor or online version: MediaInfoOnline - MediaInfo in your browser

Copy the info provided, open, and paste the info. Click save, and you got the url to the info in the address bar of your browser.

Copy that address and paste it in this thread aswell.

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Thank you @joakim_s! I’ll ask him to do that.

A sample of the file would be brill.

media info can be found here

I’ve a sample. How do I upload?

This seems to happen to me also, but it’s random. In that case nothing really helps and sometimes when I try to open a different video file the entire thing crashes and restarts with lower resolution and I have to set it up as 4k again manually… It happened with different videos that are otherwise working after the restart…

Can you use a tool like mkvtoolnix to chop it down to around 500MB?
Does it happen every time or just sometimes?

This happens for the whole video. Already chopped to 40-50MB. Just need to upload.

Here will be great:

@sam_nazarko Done :slight_smile:

@sam_nazarko sorry. please disregard the upload. The sample clip is working but there’s no color. I think I should clip it from the first minute and not somewhere in the middle.

Ok. Splitting the video anywhere seems to fix the problem haha. Maybe I can give you a Dropbox link instead?

Which indicates a bad mux. Does remuxing the video also fix it?

Yes it did! Thanks.

Is it still possible to look into this anyway? Even if it’s low priority? Original video works on VLC.

I doubt it. The hardware decoder is more sensitive and it doesn’t make sense that @sam_nazarko spend time to fix something that is caused by bad muxed files

No problem. Thank you!

Just FYI, it seems the OSMC Kodi 18 under development & testing solves this issue without the need to remux the video :slight_smile: