Blank Screen - ssh still working


I’m hoping someone can help me to diagnose the problem I’m having with a blank screen on my raspberry pi2. It’s the NOOBS install dual-running raspbian and osmc. It’s been working fine up until recently.

results of grab-logs -A

just kodi.log

Many thanks

Nothing obvious wrong in the log. Kodi appears to be starting up and running normally.

Have you tried a different HDMI cable or a different TV ?

I assume your TV does indeed support 1920x1080 as you appear to have manually forced this in your config.txt.

I notice you are using a MySQL install - do you see the blue OSMC splash screen ? If you see that and then it goes blank afterwards your HDMI cable/TV are OK and the problem will be that it is failing to connect to your MySQL server.

An unreachable MySQL server will cause Kodi to hang indefinitely on a black screen however you should have seen the blue OSMC splash screen before this.