Blank setting screen -or- change IP address

To change OSMC to a static IP address, I went to the OSMC Program Settings and clicked on the littel icon at the bottom that looks like molecules linked together (that page REALLY needs text labels too) and I have a scree that looks like the old RaspBMC settings screen, except that there is no text! I can move the selection box around, but have no way of knowing what it is setting on. This is the Raspberry Pi Alpha 4 disk image install…

Switching to the Coneluscence (or whatever) skin (as opposed to the default OSMC skin) fixed this…

Ok… so now I can see the fields but I cannot get past the Set Password option. It will not let me select the IP field or anything below that.

Have a look at this thread which I just used to change mine.
Watch out for the error which I found!!

Please be patient. The network settings page has had a major rewrite since the last public release, so it should be working properly in the RC release.

Will I have to do a complete reinstall for the RC release or will an update suffice? Thanks.

Complete reinstall.

Will I be able to transfer userdata to the new install?

You can transfer your .kodi folder. (backup and restore with tar, or copy if you can mount the old SD card in a USB SD reader)

That’s the method I generally use when going from one installation to another.

Awesome. Thank you!


The OSMC release candidate is ready and should improve network settings greatly. Learn more at OSMC Release Candidate - OSMC