Blu-ray 3D ISO only playing in 2D

Hello, I’m new to OSMC, sorry if I’m doing something silly. I have tried to open a 3D blu-ray ISO, but it just plays in 2D. If I try to force 3D, I don’t see a “framepacking” option, only SBS and TAB (and when enabled, one “eye” displays the movie, and the other is blank). The movie in question is Toy Story 4 3D, if that is of use.

Any advice would be much appreciated - just want to be able to play my collection of 3D movies.

You are more likely to get a useful answer if you post some debug logs. :slightly_smiling_face: See How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC - the section called “Providing diagnostic logs”.

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Hi, thanks. I’ve uploaded the debug logs, and have been given the following link:

Sorry if I’m not supposed to post the link here, wasn’t sure how to post the logs.

This is the current version of OSMC running on a raspberry pi 2 model B.

You’ll probably want to get official confirmation of this from an actual OSMC person… but, last I heard, 3D wasn’t supported on the Pi 2 or 3 under Kodi v19. Assuming that’s still the case, you’ll either have to invest in another device (such as a Vero 4K+) or install an older version of OSMC and disable software updates. The November 2020 release was, I think, the last one to support 3D on the Pi.

Ah, if that’s true, that may well be the problem!
So if I install the November 2020 release then it might work? I’ll give that a try tomorrow and report back.


There’s no No 3D MVC support on Pi using new video stack at this time.


Hi Sam,

Thanks for letting me know!

Is it possible using an older version? If so, can you confirm which version I should try?


Yes you can use the November 2020 Version that still uses the old Videostack.