Blu Ray menus

Is it at all possible to have Blu Ray menus working for full disc ISOs/MKV files?

I’ve seen that it works for Kodi - I installed java (which is required) but I couldn’t get it working

In short: menus should work, as long as they are not BD-J based.


Thanks for the quick response Sam - so is it even possible for the Vero 4k+ to play BD-J menus in the future if you had the development resources to pursue it or is it that the SOC doesn’t support it?
Many thanks

It’s not an SoC limitation. It might be possible in the future, but it’s not really on the development list given the implementation challenges

Hello. Any update on BD-J menu support with Kodi 20 on RPi4 ?

I haven’t had some requests for this for some time, so haven’t looked in to this much yet.

+1 request.

+1 also for me!

I am really miss this this feature in OSMC because with LibreElec this works fine and for all BDs that I have only BD-J menus is used to access some extra materials with convenient way with some text information etc. Like Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars, Aliens etc.

I can look in to the integration but it will still need to be installed manually as the image would otherwise be too bloated

Can you name a couple of titles that work well under LE so I can test with them on OSMC?


Why image files should be too bloated?
Are the required java libraries too big to be managed at image file level?

Yes the current image is only 200M, adding Java would be a very significant increase of that.

What about providing 2 versions of the image files to allow users to choose from?

This is my understanding, a general JRE for OSMC would come from Debian repository. I just tried myself to install the default-jre-headless, with errors. Now that can be PEBKAC, but as I’m a semi experienced user, and I “get’s into trouble” installing dependencies, it will be some work needed to get it automated enough to make it a part of a OSMC-package/App. I’m not saying it’s impossible, just that it might take some more time than just install a a few things and voila. If I know Sam, OSMC is all about giving a good default setting and leave it to the user to improve or tailor it. If you don’t want to tinker, there are good alternatives.

One of the bit’s that I didn’t get the first few weeks on the forum was, that not every body have a huge SD card for their Pi. And back then 2gb cards wasn’t unusual, so to “waste 100mb-ish” on a feature that just a few use, and only works on some BR-discs, is a waste of storage.

These days we don’t have 2gb storage, true. But would you prefer Evolution of OS(a bit behind on Debian already), new hardware adaption(to sell in order to paying for the “evolution” and remarkable support), keeping up with Kodi) or “We need the OSMC to invest time and talent into BR-menus, that aren’t 100% working”

So the bloat is not just about storage, it’s more about justifying the space and time it takes to fix it to a level that Sam is happy with.

PS. I am currently looking at something, but the the JRE bit is annoying and take time get around, then there are dependencies for building and there we get other issues. Debian can be a handfull if you need newer software then they provide. In the end we need a solution that might pass Sam’s preferens level.

There are licensing issues with redistributing Java and we need the Oracle version I believe.

If OSMC Team thinks that it could be worth it maybe on new Vero V which should have enough stamina, then it’s going to be a killer app for HTPCs (like mine where a legit copy of Cyberlink PowerDVD is used only for my BD ISOs - obviously legit backups of my originals).

Number one: Mad Max: Fury Road (CEE release)

It’s Eastern Europe (CEE) localized release. However menus are made in same way, just localization is different, because here is another release VIP - Mad Max: Fury Road (2015) 1080p BD50 Latino | latinouhd and menus look same. Just different language.
Here are menu screens:
imgbox - fast, simple image host
Here are video from LE playing menu
madmaxmenu.mp4 - Google Drive
This release under OSMC throws error about BD menu

Number Two - Star Wars. (In this particular case this is The Last Jedi ) however i watched all of them on LE and all menus was working fine
This is CEE release with 2 BDs.
Here is menu screenshot from my LE

However when i select “Show Blu Ray menu” for Star Wars under OSMC this simply starts playing main title, without throwing error and showing menu.

I think for testing purpose you can take ISO images of mentioned releases from some sites that offering bd movies download features. :wink:

To clarify:

You’re running LbreELEC on an ARM based platform?

I can look at an integration for OSMC next week but need you to confirm you’ve tried this on an ARM based platform and not a PC.

I also don’t have a BD ISO with a menu yet.

Hello, Sam
Yes. I am using my RPi 4b to run both: LE and OSMC (just changing SD cards)
If any additional info needed (logs, system config, packets list) - just let me know, I will share.