Blu ray playing wrong title

I asked this over on the Kodi forum, but have had no replies so I though I’d try here too:

So, since Kodi doesn’t support Blu Ray Java menus, I have set the option in the settings to play the main title rather than the menus.

On the vast majority of my rips (a mix of ISO and MKV backups) this works perfectly well, but I have 2 Blu Rays that play the wrong title - they both have an additional version of the movie where the cast/crew/etc pop up to give you tidbits about the movie and it’s that which gets played rather then the main title.

My question is therefore: is there is a config file that I can create for these 2 movies that allow me to specify which title to play?


You mean commentary? Is the wrong audio track being played or video as well

The most straightforward way to fix or avoid the problem is to use makemkv or a similar tool and just mux the main audio track into the remux and discard the commentary track if it’s not recognized properly

Of course you can mux the commentary track in as well too if you want it just make sure it’s properly tagged as secondary audio track and not forced.

Hi and thanks for the quick reply.

No, it’s the video title that is wrong. I have ripped the entire disc to a makemkv backup folder as I hold out the hope that a future version of Kodi will make the menus work.

On most discs it’s playing the right title, but on 2 discs it’s picking the wrong one so I’m hoping there might be a config file that can be created for those discs to tell it which title to play.


I’m pretty sure Kodi just picks the playlist with the longest run time, since there is absolutely no way to 100% know which is the “main” movie without the menus. If there are two playlists with the same run time, I suspect it picks the first one.

Regardless, this is not an OSMC issue, but a Kodi issue, so you’d likely get a better response on the Kodi forum.

Yes that’s what I expect is happening so that’s why I’m asking if anyone knows if there’s a config file.

Funny you should say that I’d get a better response on Kodi’s forum as I asked this a week ago there and no response!


If you really want to understand what’s happening, do as @nabsltd suggested and get MakeMKV and open the disc you are having problems with. You will probably see several titles that look like they could be the main movie. MakeMKV tries to use the menu’s, but many times just can’t get it right, so you have to manually choose the correct title. And finding that can be just experimenting. However, the MakeMKV forums will normally have a post with the correct title for most BDs.

I guess I should have said that the Kodi forum is the place to report the issue, as it would be the Kodi developers who would find a fix/workaround.

I know their forum is poorly organized (no global search, for example), but if enough people post for the same issue, it usually eventually gets sorted out.