Blue tint on westinghouse 26" tv

I have a Westinghouse 26" SK-26H240S that I just got from a friend. I previously had a Raspberry Pi2 running OSMC 2015.11-2 (linux4.3.0-10-osmc) and Kodi 15.2 on my Toshiba tv in the living room.

Moving the RP2 with the same HDMI cable to the Westinghouse results in serious screen tearing on the OSMC boot screen and a weird brown color on the main menu. During video playback fleshtones are rendered blue with an overall blue tint. Clearly there’s an issue with the video interaction between the Westinghouse and RP2/OSMC/Kodi since the TV is fine on straight cable.

Any ideas?

The only time I’ve ever seen something like this with HDMI was with a bad cable (kitten had chomped it). Sometimes it worked fine, sometimes I had tearing and odd colors. So you might try a different cable; it could be that just in moving the cable a wire inside the cable broke.

Or if the TV is really finicky, maybe you need to add config_hdmi_boost=7 to your config.txt.

I’ve swapped cables around and they seem to be ok so I’ll try the edit to the config file and see if that makes a difference. Thanks