Bluescreen while streaming then blackscreen upon reboots

Encountered a blue screen while watching something; seemed to have been an overlay because in upper part of screen I glimpsed what look like terminal text scrolling. Subsequent reboots result in OSMC logo, then black screen. While in this current state, CEC no working. I can browse file system via smb and access unit via ssh.

Note that while viewing content over the past few week I experienced blackscreens for a second or so before video returns.


PS: Vero 4K+ connected directly to TV via HDMI and I’ve tried different cables.

Maybe a failing PSU that may have corrupted some stuff? The artwork cache database is showing an error at the end of both of those logs…
SQL: [Textures13.db] SQLite error SQLITE_ERROR (no such table: version)
If you have another PSU I would try that with a clean install and see what that gets you.

Older 4K works with the 4K+ PSU, but not the other way around. Is it possible to backup my current config (libraries, favourites, skin and settings) while omitting corrupt data from the terminal before I do fresh install?

All those items are found in /home/osmc/.kodi and can be backed up but if there is corrupt files I don’t know about any way to figure out what is damaged or not. If you had installed samba you can just use a UNC path to access and transfer that folder to another machine (ie \\\osmc\ in Windows explorer address bar with hidden folders set to show). Otherwise you could use scp or a similar tool to leverage ssh for a transfer. In a modern windows you might do something like…
scp -r osmc@ %userprofile%\desktop\kodi

In both cases replacing the ip address with whatever your Vero is currently using of course.

So the db error found in log would not be part of that standard backup?

That Textures13.db file mentioned in the log is a SQLite db which Kodi uses to keep track of cached thumbnails. It is located in the ~/.kodi folder along with the rest of Kodi’s userdata. A typical backup one would do with Kodi would be the entirety of that folder minus perhaps the Thumbnails folder (to reduce size of the backup as Kodi will recreate it on its own).

What I am saying is that if you have any corruption then it is reasonable to think that there may be other things that got corrupted as well. You could just stop mediacenter, remote that one file and the Thumbnails folder (because it would only contain dead files once the database is removed) as see where your at. Perhaps it works out, perhaps you end up chasing occasional glitches. This is the kind of situation where it becomes obvious that making a backup of a system when it is fully setup and working correctly is optimal.

When first I installed osmc image I ended up with “please stand by” loop. Switched install media and installation went smoothly. Currently rebuilding system from scratch.

BTW, when looking up the “…stand by” loop I came across post stating that using power strips are problematic. Why? I have two consoles, one with externally powered drive, plus TV and the Vero on one strip. Never had a problem.

If switching install media fixed it then the issue was not caused by your equipment.

It’s some surge protectors that are best avoided.

Good to know.