Bluethoot keyboard - Wrong Layout - How i can change it?

I have found this:

And this:

But i don’t have understand if it’s possible to do this…if i have understand correctly it’s not a OSMC but it’s directly a kodi developers need to add ?

I’ve got the same problem with the German QWERTZ layout. Is there any progress regarding hardware keyboard layouts other than english in KODI? According to [BUG REPORT] Danish Hardware Keyboard layout not working - #69 by sam_nazarko the problem is known and a fix is in development.

I investigated a little more about this “settings”… apparently this it’s not a kodi improvement but kodi keep the “hardware” layout of keyboard directly from OS when the same kodi it’s been executed.

If i understand correctly for example:
If you use KODI directly from windows… if you use the GERMAN layout for keyboard on windows when you run kodi the “real” keyboard it’s be used the correct layout also inside kodi.

If i continue to understand correctly another example:
If you have a Pi2 and you use a kodi setup installed over a debian setup when you select a keyboard layout directly on debian this same layout it’s also used inside kodi when it’s executed.

In our case that OSMC there’s not a desktop environment we don’t have nothings to set the correct layout and kodi use the layout used by default on debian used for run kodi…

All this Assuming i have understood everything correctly…