Bluetooth 5.0, simultaneous connection with 2 Bluetooth headphones

As far as I know, the current Vero 4K+ supports bluetooth 4.0 and only one bluetooth headphone at a time, is that right?

I hope the next osmc device will have bluetooth 5 support and maybe a possibility to connect two bluetooth headphones at the same time. Maybe with aptx low latency mode to keep the audio delay low. Do you think this could be something to be considered for a future osmc device?

We don’t have any announcements to make about new products at this time.


I know, but maybe you can keep that feature request in mind. For the current vero 4k+, what codec is used for bluetooth transmission?

Currently there is A2DP support, but we didn’t integrate anything in an official capacity yet, but will do so shortly.


You could try this