Bluetooth 5.2 (+) adapter?

Does anyone know of a Bluetooth 5.2 (or higher) adapter that works with the Vero 4k+? I’m looking to convert a USB arcade joystick to wireless, but the module I found requires 5.2.


I don’t have a recommendation at hand unfortunately

Damn. Thanks, Sam. I’ll just have to keep searching to see if anyone knows any that work.

Can you get away with BT 5.0?

Maybe…maybe not. :slightly_smiling_face: When I posted, I had only found this one:

I found a few people recommending and using it. It has also been the only game in town for at least 5 years. (People speak about the owner and I couldn’t help but think of you and your own niche product in OSMC.) But, that one says it needs 5.2.

Today, I came across this one, which uses 2.1:

Other than from Japan, I’ve only found them for sale on eBay and I don’t really trust the sellers. Also, I can’t find anyone who says they’ve bought and used one, so I’m quite hesitant.

Outside of these, I’ve found DIY projects, but I’m not looking to solder one together.