Bluetooth 5.3 not working

I’ve tried to pair my new headphones but when it does pair audio is very sketchy and the remote is useless, old bt headphones work perfectly

So you have another pair of headphones that work Ok on the Vero V?

The implementation is Bluetooth 4.0 - but that should be more than sufficient for A2DP streaming.

Are you having problems with Movies or just music?

I thought so but was still getting drop outs, I connected to my Denon AVRX 2600 and bt was perfect, I am refering to x265 1080p movie playing on VeroV

Would be good to get some logs so we can see what the issue is.

I assume you mean from Vero to amp via BT is working fine?

No, VeroV is connected to amp via hdmi, bt from amp is fine on both headsets but very poor on bt 5.3 and not good on legacy

Do you have a USB3 device connected to the USB3 port (blue)?

Yes, 3 self powered hdds via a hub

Can you see if things improve if you connect those to the USB2 port?

All perfect when USB3 not used, I thought the latest update addressed that bug, more work to do👍

Thanks for testing. If you don’t do a lot of read/writing to your disks from other devices you should find USB2 speeds adequate as they have been on vero 4k.


Thanks for the feedback.

Speeds down from 90MB/s to 40MB/s

That is more than sufficient for watching any 4K material.

We are still working on USB3 improvements

More fun tonight, no audio via bt on various files, seems to be raw channels on 5.1, when labled as r/l c etc play ok