Bluetooth Amplifier

Hi All,

We have developed a Wireless amplifier based on bluetooth 4.0 to stream audio from KODI to external speakers. We are testing the market and would like to know what you guys say. Here is some specs.

2x8W stereo amplifier in 8 Ohm
Class-D Amplifier
Bluetooth 4.0
12V 5A included
112.52 x 84.62 x 41.25 mm

Let me know your thoughts




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We are aiming at a target price around 100 Euro.

Currently we have different type of speakers tests:

2 x Cerwin Vega 125W 8 Ohm
2 x Infinity reference 100W 6 Ohm
1 x Jamo A102 5.1 Surround set with aktive sub connected and playing.

Seems pretty high prize. I think you could put together something like this for about $50 with parts from ebay.

But if it has a nice case and custom board, I can understand why it has to be like this.
Will be great for people who don’t want to tinker themselves and want to use high quality speakers wireless.

Everyone else will get a cheap bluetooth speaker.

We have developed the board ourself and designed it. I will add some pictures of the amplifier.

We aim to make the product plug’n’play without any setup

It looks like a fairly nice product but i think you might struggle for customers when there are existing producs in the market already. What does your unit offer that these other ones don’t? The Vamp for example has a rechargable battery making it portable. - $170 - £100
Bluetooth Audio Receiver/Amplifier, Model 300 - $80 - £50

There is several different products on the market, but some of the offers our product have is:

SpeakerGuard to prevent to much current to go through your speakers
The outputs are protected against short to GNC, VCC and output to output
There is no need of an external heat zink based on the efficiency of the chip
Bluetooth 4.0

The VAMP is “only” a mono amplifier, while the HALL 2x8W is a stereo

I meant something like this. 3 Channel amp with speaker protection and bluetooth module for about $40. No case of course, but basically the same isn’t it?
There are actually even cheaper options readily available from china.

In reality yes, this would be a similar.

There is of course a lot of differences and i do not believe that these chinese versions or others found on ebay are CE and EMC aproved/tested.

The HALL AUDIO amplifier have all the necessary paperwork regarding consumer safety, which also affects the price since it is not free to get these :slightly_smiling: