Bluetooth app?

I have an Android tablet, and there is an APP that lets me use the tablet to access and control my Denon AVR, is there something similar for the Vero 4k+ ?

Not unless someone has written one as an addon to Kodi.

OK and thanks for the reply.

Control in what way? There is remote control apps and the web interface for Kodi (not OSMC or Vero specific) of which Yatse is a popular choice on Android. It doesn’t use bluetooth though (likely your Denon doesn’t either).

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Thanks I shall have a look. I can recall doing something on the Denon with bluetooth, but it was a while back, so may have been for soemthing else.

Which is the App you use on Android?

Denon AVR remote 3.1.01.

It may well not be bluetooth, I had to do something bluetooth with the Denon but it might be something else !

That connects to your LAN for the communication.

Thanks I have installed Yatse now.

Ah, I misunderstood your question I thought you were looking for an add on for Vero to control your Vero.
Yes to control the Vero from any Android device surely Yatse is the best solution. Ensure you have setup everything as described in the help as you them get all options (e.g. You can sent YouTube and Facebook videos to the OSMC).

If you want to plan to control your Denon AVR from OSMC that should also be possible using the “Denon AVR control protocol” but would require some programming knowledge

Thanks, I mostly use my universal remote but find control of the Denon AVR via the tablet useful occasionally, now Yatse allows me to do the same with the Vero