Bluetooth as answeing the phone call

Hi i’m currently running a project where i would like to install OSMC in my car as per the attached drawing, airplay is working fine by now but i would like to use the raspberry to answer the phone call, i’ve installed a USB sound card Creative soundblaser omni 5.1 with build in microphone and i would like to use the bluetooth to set the device as hands free device in this way the OSMC can be a complete Car stereo system, what do you think about that?
will someone giude me on the how to?

i’ve seen already on the testing how to stream the audio via a2dp and it’s also wortking now i just need to change the class of the bluetooth
please help
thank you

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Or something like this? :heart_eyes:

Hi no it’s more like this

but i want to have the rasberry pi in the background with the OSMC installed where i can stream the audio via airplay, then if the iphone and the ipad are connected to the same wifi network (i will put a 3g modem inside the car) i can answer the phone call on the ipad via the raspberry and the Soundblaser omni with buildin microphone…

basically i need to the PI via the OSMC emulate this little china rubbish


Sorry, but this is a very niche use case. With very little man power and a very large workload it’s highly unlikely that we would ever find time to include such a niche feature.

Hi i’m completelly agree with you that’s why if you give me some giudance i can implement for everybody :slightly_smiling: