Bluetooth audio drops intermittently during movie playback

I’ve recently come into possession of a Vero 4K+. I’ve updated the firmware to the latest disk image available (2024-2; 2024-4 is unavailable for some reason).

My video plays back fine, but if I connect audio to Bluetooth devices, the sound will drop about every five minutes or so. This problem isn’t exhibited if playing through HDMI audio.

Any suggestions of what I can attempt to try?

How near is the Bluetooth device?
Any 2.4Ghz equipment near?

Are you using WiFi or Ethernet?

Make sure the Bluetooth device is up to date (firmware)

So after more testing, I tried a different device (Bose headset) and it has not had drop-off problems.

The Google pixel Buds were the ones having the issues.

Also I noticed the system picked up the latest 2024-04 update today! One thing I noticed is the volume control on the remote doesn’t adjust the Bluetooth volume anymore. It controls my sound bar connected via HDMI instead. The previous version didn’t do this. Might one to check on that.

Haven’t changed anything re CEC (that would affect the remote directly)