Bluetooth audio is choppy

I’m using a Raspberry Pi 3 B, and I’ve followed this post to set up bluetooth audio: [How-to] set up Bluetooth audio

On both of my bluetooth headphones, the audio is very choppy. I don’t think that this is a performance issue, because when I’m not playing anything the menu sounds are still choppy and laggy. I’ve seen people saying to use an external bluetooth adapter, but bluetooth audio worked fine on Raspbian when the Pi is arguably under more load, so I don’t see why that’s necessary.

It’s only a problem if you are using WiFi at the same time. Can we get some logs, please?

To get a better understanding of the problem you are experiencing we need more information from you. The best way to get this information is for you to upload logs that demonstrate your problem. You can learn more about how to submit a useful support request here.

Depending on the used skin you have to set the settings-level to standard or higher, in summary:

  • enable debug logging at settings->system->logging

  • reboot the OSMC device twice(!)

  • reproduce the issue

  • upload the log set (all configs and logs!) either using the Log Uploader method within the My OSMC menu in the GUI or the ssh method invoking command grab-logs -A

  • publish the provided URL from the log set upload, here

Thanks for your understanding. We hope that we can help you get up and running again shortly.

OSMC skin screenshot:

Alright, I’ve uploaded the logs:

Try this in .asoundrc:

pcm.btfaah {
        type plug
        slave.pcm {
                type bluealsa
                device "FC:58:FA:32:0E:98"
                profile "a2dp"
        hint { show on description "BT-FAAH"}

After doing that it seems better (although maybe I’m not remembering how bad it was correctly), but it still seems choppy. It’s not de-syncing anymore though, it just skips ahead to where it should be.

I’ve been seeing stuff about making sure the bluealsa service is running, but when I look in the Services part of My OSMC all I see is the ssh server. Should I see a bluealsa service?

Did you disable Wifi on the Pi?

I’m using WiFi to connect to the internet, and I don’t have any Ethernet ports available, so I can’t. disable it (using the YouTube addon to stream video). Again, Raspbian had no issues, why is it a problem for osmc?

It turns out I have a USB WiFi dongle, how would I disable internal WiFi and just use the dongle? Would this work to solve the bluetooth issue?

Try adding dtoverlay=pi3-disable-wifi to /boot/config.txt

No idea but worth a try

You marked the last post as solution? So after doing that audio is not choppy any more?

Actually I think in the latest version the command to disable wifi is actually dtoverlay=disable-wifi