Bluetooth audio March update

I updated my box yesterday, Bluetooth audio no longer works. It doesn’t connect at startup, and the Bluetooth part doesn’t work: the device scan isn’t working and I have to turn off and turn on Bluetooth. The stereo connects but does not exit audio. When you restart again, it doesn’t connect and it won’t work. How can it be solved? Do others have the same problem?
Vero 4k
Thank you.

Please post some logs so we can see what is going on.


Hey @sam_nazarko , any ideas?

Can you check if WiFi is working OK?
Have you tried a cold boot (power off the device); then boot up.

Wifi works, I can have streaming content and via smb. tried many reboots but shut it down completely no. I try and tell you

now I tried to turn off, leave off and power again … I took the opportunity to clean the nas fans and a mess came out … this time it worked, I see if the problem recurs