Bluetooth Audio on OnePlus 3T

Hi guys

I’ve gone through all the steps in the thread: [Deprecated] [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP) which worked fine. The audio was playing but was laggy and frequently dropping out. So as advised, I purchased the bluetooth adapter made by OSMC. That has drastically improved the quality and reduced the dropouts significantly… but they still exist. Every 2-3 seconds there is a very noticeable stutter.

Does anyone else have a OnePlus phone to have tested this? I’ve been told it works fine on the iPhone but haven’t been able to test myself with anything other than my phone. Is there anything you could suggest to maybe improve the situation?


Probably not much help, but it works fine here with OnePlus One and raspberry pi3 using the inbuilt bluetooth adapter. There are maybe too many differences between your setup and mine though.

Hi Phil
I’ve literally just installed the OS, and gone through the steps in the linked thread, have you done anything different that I could maybe try which might solve the issue? I’m the pi3 also

Mine is a constantly upgraded install, not a fresh install, though I have a spare card and could try.
I did not have to add the repository, just sudo apt install a2dp-app-osmc
It pulled in a load of other packages too, then reboot the pi and pair from the osmc menu.

My oneplus one is running lineageos14.1 (successor to cyanogenmod) android 7.1.2
I guess your oneplus 3 is on oxygenos, their own version of rom, so as I said there may be too many differences.

Thanks Phil

I’ll look through what I did and see if I can tinker with the way I installed the bluetooth packages.