Bluetooth Audio Output - I broke everything

Hi everyone,

I’ve killed audio on my Vero 4K and cannot attempt to play anything without seeing the “:(” of death.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

I had read it was possible to output audio via bluetooth and though great let’s get that going with my headphones - a bit of reading and I happily I went and typed “sudo apt install a2dp-app-osmc” and accepted the 60 something additional packages it would need.

After a reboot the menu audio was complete distorted trash so I thought stuff even trying to work out how to pair a bluetooth device from here I’ll just uninstall if its going to do that. So I went “sudo apt remove a2dp-app-osmc” and it seemed to only want to uninstall a few of the packages it had supposedly needed to install and I thought who am I to question that.

After a reboot the menu audio is still stuffed and I still can’t play anything - really not looking forward to another clean install!

Is there something else I can do to troubleshoot - should I be reading anything sitting in /var/log/ ?

Just realised I had stretch-devel main still in my sources.list so my issues could be related to that - reverting now.

sudo apt-get remove --purge pulseaudio

Thanks for that - it appears the crusty audio was actually a dodgy update because I’d forgotten to comment out stretch-devel main from my sources. I reinstalled the bluetooth package and tried a few files and everything sounds fine through my main speakers - now I just have to try to work out how one is actually supposed to pair a bluetooth device!

Either via MyOSMC - Network - Bluetooth or via command line bluetoothctl.
If you want to pair headphones (that have a headset profile) you would need after pairing to correct the audio sink.

Thanks again - I was scrolling for many menus and couldn’t find anything!

Wife has taken the TV now, will try again later.

As mentioned alternative is via ssh bluetoothctl

Yes I read your response and appreciate it - both the primary and alternate methods. Simply saying I can’t try it until I have access to the device, my wife is using it.