Bluetooth Controller Reconnect Problem

Hi -

I have two identical setups in my home. I have 2x Logitech Harmony Hubs, and 2x Vero 4k’s.
Both have the Harmony Hub paired via Bluetooth. It works very well.

However, I find that one of my Vero’s (it is always the same unit) does not automatically re-connect to the Harmony BT hub upon restart. This is especially true if a power outage has occurred. I have to manually navigate to OSMC > Network > Bluetooth > Paired Devices > Harmony Keyboard > Reconnect. Then everything works.

Why does this one Vero exhibit this issue, yet my other setup does not? The setups are identical.

How can I troubleshoot this when it next occurs, please?

Try forgetting the device and re-pairing.

Hi Sam,

Tried that before. It still doesn’t resolve the intermittent issue unfortunately.