Bluetooth dongle

Hi everyone!
I have a raspberry PI 3 that running OSMC and I just tried to get the bluetooth working to add airpods as a device. This is for the car for the kids watching movies if anyone cares. I updated everything recently and even did the AD2P update.

Here are screen shots of the logs. What’s weird is that it finds them, it tried to connect, it showed that it was connected under devices, but then it said it failed. I heard a beep in the headphone, but it won’t play. I am using a bluetooth dongle, which I bought from Amazon and it says it’s works for the Raspberry Pi (Techkey wireless bluetooth 4.0 EDR) bufilufewu ofenitumik ifusewijes

Any help is appreciated. I am a novice at the Raspberry Pi terminology or how to install/code. Thanks.


I don’t think AirPods will work with the A2DP package.
You’d need to use / wait for bluez-alsa.

Is there any Bluetooth headphones that will work with the raspberry pi?

Yes, but there isn’t an exhaustive list.