Bluetooth....Fire TV Remote

Good evening.

I have heard that the Amazon Fire remote works on the Rasp Pi 2.

I’m currently using a mini keyboard with blue tooth dongle.

How do I enable the Fire TV remote thro my existing Bluetooth dongle?


Pair it the same way you would your keyboard - in Networking-Bluetooth in My OSMC.

Hold down the home button for 10 seconds to put the remote in pairing mode then choose “Pair with PIN”. (no pin will be required however)

Sorry to be a thicko…but I cannot see any Bluetooth options in Networking.

I did not have to enable Bluetooth on the mini keyboard…i just plugged in the dongle and it worked.


Are you sure it is a real bluetooth dongle and not just a proprietary dongle for the keyboard?
Can you post some log files?

Indeed. If the keyboard “just worked” without going into Networking → Bluetooth then it’s not a standard bluetooth dongle, but rather a proprietary receiver that works only with that keyboard and appears to the system as a USB keyboard rather than a bluetooth controller.

So you won’t be able to use that to connect a Fire TV remote. I use the following bluetooth dongle with my Pi 2 and can confirm it works well with OSMC:

If no Bluetooth option appears in the left menu in Networking it’s either not a Bluetooth dongle or not a supported one.


I got a Fire TV Stick Remote working via Bluetooth.

I cant find how to use the controller to input letters for the search function.

Any ideas?


Not sure what you mean there - when you get a text field that requires input, press OK to select it, this will bring up the on-screen keyboard, then use direction buttons and OK button to select each letter. This is the same for any Kodi remote.

Or did I miss something ??

it works.

the problem was I could not see the the highlighted text moving around the keyboard as the contrast between selected and non-selected text in osmc is poor,


You could try using a different skin such as Confluence.