Bluetooth Hardware Question

Can somebody put me straight here. I have a Vero 4K with remote controller. The controller comes with a small dongle which is plugged into the USB (black) socket. Is this dongle a bluetooth device?

I have purchased a separate Bluetooth dongle with the intention of being able to stream music from phone or Sony walkman. There is now only a white USB socket available.

2 questions, can I use the second Bluetooth dongle in the white USB socket.
How are these devices controlled and will what I want to do work?

Sorry to be so dumb but rather new to Bluetooth.

It’s not a Bluetooth dongle
Vero 4K has built in Bluetooth. Go to My OSMC and you can use the built in Bluetooth receiver

I went into My OSMC. turned on Enable Bluetooth & Start/Stop Discovery but when I try to connect to my Samsung A5 (2017) phone, I get Connection Failed. I have had the Vero 4K for eleven months now and it has never connected to my phones. Had a Samsung Galaxy S3 & it did not connect either.

Is this ever going to be fixed?

It’s probably not broken…

Did you install the A2DP package? You need to do so before you can pair with a phone for A2DP purposes.

No, have not installed those, I have just searched for A2DP installer but only find people talking about it. Have you a link to the package and how to implement them?

See [Deprecated] [TESTING] Bluetooth audio streaming (A2DP)
Bluetooth audio has worked since 2015, but it’s still experimental.


Thanks for the link. For those of us who would rather not have to change/add things via logging in, can you do a Hotfix, like you did for the 10-bit video just recently?

I’d rather not due to the nature of the testing.
If you must, I can do it via PM.


As it is not very important for me and I am able to Bluetooth my phone through my Onkyo receiver, I will just wait until the experimental stage has finished and one can just connect without doing anything else to it. Thanks for your replies :slight_smile:

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