Bluetooth-HID based codes for Kodi on Raspberry Pi 3

Hello everyone,

Does anyone has the Bluetooth-HID based codes that would allow an unsupported Bluetooth device to connect to Raspberry Pi 3 and control Kodi?


I don’t have them, but I just wanted to add that I also want them to enable control from a Logitech harmony Elite remote. Thank you.

I am using my Harmony Hub to control OSMC just set it as a Windows PC, otherwise I used to set it as a PS3 when I had the PS3 IR adapter. It seems to keep loosing BT connection so it’s not that great

Thank you - that appears to have worked.
For future readers - to get the Pi & OSMC working with Harmony Hub via Bluetooth, I did the following:

  • Added the Pi3 as a Windows PC device in the Harmony app
  • Paired the two devices in the ‘My OSMC’ Bluetooth menu
  • Created an activity on the harmony app, and then ran the activity, completing the Harmony pairing wizard
  • Went into MyOsmc remotes menu and activated the relevant Harmony profile
    Thanks for all the help :slight_smile: