Bluetooth keyboard re-enabling after every reboot or shutdown

hi guys ive got a Bluetooth keyboard with dongle of course every time I turn off or reboot osmc I have to enable Bluetooth again using my usb keyboard there is no light on the dongle until it is enabled again it was ok a few days ago now this has started any ideas thanks

same issue over here, bluetooth has to be enabled after every reboot. i am running the latest osmc build on raspberry 2.

Please see this post for potential resolution:



I updated, but I am still having this issue, I have to re-connect my bluetooth keyboard after every boot.

Not seeing this problem with my Bluetooth keyboard - after rebooting I just press a key on the keyboard and it reconnects after a few seconds.

It seems to me that it’s not doing the search for the bluetooth devices on a regular basis, once my keyboard times out(5 min without being touched) osmc does not search for it again.

As far as I’m aware, it’s the job of the keyboard to scan for the device it’s connected to, not the other way around. Thus when you reboot the Pi the keyboard will lose it’s connection and attempt to reconnect a few times - my keyboard will connect by itself after about 10-15 seconds if I reboot and don’t touch a key, but if I press a key it will connect in about 3-4 seconds.

If I shut down for over 5 minutes or so then boot up again the keyboard will not automatically reconnect by itself - presumably it has now gone into a full sleep mode to conserve battery. However if I press a key it wakes and connects in under 5 seconds.

I think this is normal behaviour but the behaviour is also highly likely to depend on the particular keyboard. Have you tried any different bluetooth keyboards ?