Bluetooth keyboard requires reconnecting after each boot

I have a problem with an Rii i8BT bluetooth keyboard which is paired to my onboard RPI 3 bluetooth.

This is because when I boot to OSMC I have to then use a remote control to choose the bluetooth device, and then select re-connect before it works. The keyboard is paired correctly, and after I do this process the bluetooth keyboard does work, but I have to re-connect each time.

I understand that the OSMC wiki says:

“Reconnect - Some devices will not automatically reconnect to OSMC. This option will tell OSMC to try to initiate a connection to a previously paired device.”

So is there any way to automate the re-connect process on/after boot so that I don’t have to go through this method of manually reconnecting a paired device using another remote/keyboard, or some other kind of workaround? It takes quite a bit of time and somewhat makes my bluetooth keyboard obsolete.

Thanks for any help.

OSMC / Kodi 17 2017.02-2
Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
Rii i8BT Bluetooth Mini Wireless Keyboard
Official charger

Try Trust and Pair / Pair with Pin method or connect via command line and see if this helps

Thanks for the fast reply. What do you mean by trust and pair?

Just to note, it is already paired, it’s just that I have to re-connect in order for it to work.

Old thread i know, will keep looking.
Just to say I have the same issue on a Logitech K380. Pairs fine(no pin), then after reboot I need to manually reconnect in My OSMC every time. The device remains in the ‘Paired Devices’ area, just doesn’t reconnect on its own.

I remember this happening on my Pi3b+ too. Now on Pi4 4gb running latest OSMC

Did you trust the keyboard as well?

I can’t see a ‘Trust and Pair’ option. Each time i try ‘Pair with Pin’ it brings back a fail message.
I’ve connected that keyboard to another device with a pin no problem.

I will try command line and see if i have better luck after a reboot.

BT devices are automatically trusted when pairing and connecting with MyOSMC. If using bluetoothctl, you have to pair, then trust.

I used to find I had to mash a key (any key) on my keyboard to get it to reconnect to an RPi.

I can also confirm ‘pair with pin’ doesn’t work. It did do years ago - we’ll look into that - but if you can pair without a pin that should work the same.