Bluetooth LOGIK keyboard issues [SOLVED]

Hi all

I am having problems with Bluetooth connection using RPI3.
The LOGIC Bluetooth keyboard is being recognised and connects on first setup without using a pin code but as soon as I reboot it although it still sees the keyboard in settings I have to delete the keyboard settings and reconfigure it at each boot.
It did work for a time in an early 16**something version of Kodi for OSMC.

Any ideas most appreciated.

Thank you

I have a LKBUBT14 Logik keyboard. Yes, it can be fiddly and get into that ‘having to delete it’ state. You have to use a PIN for pairing to stick. Type the PIN and press Enter as quickly as you can.


PS: mine’s a Pi2 with a BT dongle.

Hi grahamh

Thank you very much for your idea/help.

Yes,sorry I should have added the model no.of my LOGIC keyboard which is also an LKBUBT14.
I tried your suggestion of pairing using PIN but each time I have not been asked to add any PIN.
However,it has connected that way and has remained connected at boot so I shall try a few more reboots and see if the problem is solved.

Best regards

Well,it seems after several reboots,the above Bluetooth keyboard is still remaining connected.
I used the ‘Pair using pin’ method and although I have never had to enter any pin no.and doesn’t call for one it all works so I’ll mark this topic as Solved.

Many thanks again grahamh