Bluetooth option not coming up in RPi4 audio output even when Bluetooth device is connected

I am facing a strange issue with Raspberry Pi 4 (2GB) -
The Bluetooth is connecting automatically after starting but the sound is not coming thorough the Bluetooth. In the audio output option Bluetooth is not listed even when it’s showing connected in the Bluetooth settings.

Strange thing is, if I connect the HDMI to a HDMI to Audio+HDMI splitter, then I get the option of selecting Bluetooth from the audio output menu in OSMC/Kodi!

I am running the latest version of OSMC (OSMC_TGT_rbp4_20230505) for Raspberry Pi 4.

Could anyone please help?

By connecting the splitter, Kodi will be re-scanning for audio devices, but evidently just connecting a BT device is not triggering a re-scan. You should find re-starting Kodi (power-Exit) will make it recognise BT. I think we managed to fix that on Vero but I’ll need to check what the status is on RPi.

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Thanks for the ‘Power>Exit’ tip! it works.
Sometime after starting it automatically works (after doing it manually once) but sometime it doesn’t work. But at least the ‘Power>Exit’ tip it works, in case it doesn’t work automatically.

Thank you!