Bluetooth Player

Can I purchase a cheap bluetooth dongle for the Pi plug it in and use it to stream music from my phone to the Pi? With full Metadata and visualizer?

I need to add bluetooth to my AV system but would like it to function similar to built in car systems, where the phone is the host and the Pi is the receiver. I can buy a cheap bluetooth to RCA adapter, but would very much prefer having it run from the Pi. This way I wouldn’t have to switch inputs or anything.

My Setup:
Pi TV Receiver

So I’d like to use my receiver for audio. Phone Pi TV Receiver.

At the moment only input devices like keyboards are supported over Bluetooth in OSMC - A2DP and other audio profiles are not supported.

It is something we are investigating but there are significant technical hurdles to achieving this when Kodi is also running at the same time. (Due to sharing of the audio device, among other things)

I wouldn’t expect this feature to be released in the near future.

If your phone is an iOS device you could use Airplay audio streaming over Wifi instead - this would also give much better quality than Bluetooth as A2DP is heavily compressed and Airplay (audio) is uncompressed.

If you have an android phone you can use yatse remote with stream plugin to stream to OSMC

no ios devices, maybe add googlecast support instead?