Bluetooth remote controle OK Button not working

Hello all

I have installed OSMC on a Pi4, and everything is working very nice.
Before, I used a Nvidia Shield.

I can pair the shield remote and the FIIO bluetooth remote. But the OK Button is not working. Keymap Editor recognises the OK button (of both devices) as “16839168” and writes that in the …/keymaps/gen.xml. But the Button actually does not do anything. I can map any other button to OK.
The HOME Button (61453) does work as OK button.

Any suggestions?

thx in advance

I am not familiar with the remote.
You could try configure it with Keymap Editor

I found it now by myself. I had to use udev to remap the input to key: “enter”.
Those 2 helped:
Same problem as me: JustBoom Remote - Middle Button not working - #13 by darwindesign
detailed man on howto: Linux keymapping with udev hwdb ·

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btw: I clearly stated that I used keymap editor, just sayin…

Okay, glad it’s working now.

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