Bluetooth Remote for OSMC on Raspberry Pi 2

Hi. I’m new to this - but i’m keen to learn and i’m trying…!

I bought a Raspberry Pi 2 mostly for Kodi - and after some research came across OSMC. I’ve set it up - all is well.

Everything is working fine using the Sybu Kodi iOS app on my phone - however i thought it would be useful and a challenge to try and set up a bluetooth enabled remote control. I bought a standard one with good reviews on Amazon - see here:

I’ve followed a few guides around SSH (i’m using a mac) and i’ve got to grips with logging in, but I haven’t found any working code to active bluetooth and pair to my device.

I imagine this is really basic - but if anyone could send me down the right path that would be great. The controller I bought has a USB built into the remote - i’m guessing this goes into the USB on the Pi but frankly i’m making this up and guessing.

Any help appreciated - apologies if you’ve been asked this 1,000 times. I promise to guide the next person to ask this if someone can guide me!


No need to SSH.

I hope you are just trying to be funny with this part…

Unfortunately not - this is what you are working with here. I can only apologies in advance for the massive sigh I assume you’ve just taken?

99% of me is saying “stick it in the Pi!” But there’s a niggly 1% saying “it came in the remote, leave it in the remote”.

I’ve installed a build into my Kodi, I’m guessing I need to remove this to get back to MyOSMC?

I have no idea what this means…

ignore it - I don’t understand it entirely but I’ve followed your very basic instructions and it’s worked. Seemingly there was no need for the YouTube how to videos I’ve spent hours looking at.

Mods - please close this thread. I’m going to read the forum and come back when I have a better understanding. Cheers.

So the remote now functions? MyOSMC should always be available under program addons if you are using some other skin or “build”.

It’s always best to check the OSMC wiki and Forum for help first rather than following some random Linux tutorial on the internet…

It’s surprising just how often people try to do something the hard way (eg some long winded tutorial) when a certain feature is already implemented and available in the GUI - such as connecting a Bluetooth device.

Worse still many tutorials are not written with systemd or connman in mind and thus are incorrect for OSMC and may even break things. So check here first folks. :wink:

It looks like that remote comes with a bluetooth dongle, not sure if it’s proprietary or not. My guess is that the usb to the remote is for charging the battery.

Remote functions, MyOSMC isn’t available on the build/skin I was using - so I reset it all to the start and now it works fine once I activated it on MyOSMC.

Didn’t realise we had a forum until today - definitely should have done further research. Very easy fix for something I’ve genuinely spent over 24 hours trying to learn. Doh.


MyOSMC is available in all skins, but you might need to look a bit harder to find it in some. It is a “Program Addon”, so on other skins you’ll typically find it under Programs, or Addons->Program Addons or similar.