Bluetooth Remote Issue

I have this remote Rii i8+ 2.4GHz Mini Wireless Keyboard, I used this on multiple boxes before the Vero 4K. When I pair it the Vero, if the remote goes to sleep or if I turn it off I need to go through the whole pairing steps again each time for it to work.

Try using bluetoothctl from the commandline, making sure you pair, trust then connect.

how do i go by doing that? thanks

Sorry - I thought there was a HowTo. I’ll get you some instructions.

It’s 2.4 GHZ and not Bluetooth

There are two version of this remote, a 2.4GHz RF version and a Bluetooth 3.0 version. Which one do you have, @younginfamous?

actually i might have the rf version idk im confused because it connected via bluetooth on my other devices.

Then it would have to be the Bluetooth version. Check again - any information on the packaging, housing of the keyboard?

it shows up as a bluetooth 3.0 macro keyboard in vero

Then we can assume it to be the Bluetooth version, I’d say…

Here is a session I’ve just done.

    osmc@vero:/var/cache/apt/archives$ bluetoothctl
    [NEW] Controller CC:B8:A8:12:97:51 vero [default]
    [NEW] Device FC:A8:9A:B3:42:4F JBL Flip 3
    [bluetooth]# agent on
    Agent registered
    [bluetooth]# scan on
    Discovery started
    [CHG] Controller CC:B8:A8:12:97:51 Discovering: yes
    [NEW] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 08-B7-38-20-46-C5
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 LegacyPairing: no
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Name: LKBUBT14 Standard Bluetooth Keyboard
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Alias: LKBUBT14 Standard Bluetooth Keyboard
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 LegacyPairing: yes
    [bluetooth]# pair 08:B7:38:20:46:C5
    Attempting to pair with 08:B7:38:20:46:C5
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Connected: yes
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Modalias: usb:v04CAp0085d0110
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 UUIDs: 00001000-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 UUIDs: 00001124-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 UUIDs: 00001200-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 ServicesResolved: yes
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Paired: yes
    Pairing successful
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 ServicesResolved: no
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Connected: no
    [bluetooth]# trust 08:B7:38:20:46:C5
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Trusted: yes
    Changing 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 trust succeeded
    [bluetooth]# connect 08:B7:38:20:46:C5
    Attempting to connect to 08:B7:38:20:46:C5
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 Connected: yes
    Connection successful
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 ServicesResolved: yes
    [LKBUBT14 Standard Bluetooth Keyboard]# scan off
    [CHG] Device 08:B7:38:20:46:C5 RSSI is nil
    [CHG] Controller CC:B8:A8:12:97:51 Discovering: no
    Discovery stopped
    [LKBUBT14 Standard Bluetooth Keyboard]# agent off
    Agent unregistered
    [LKBUBT14 Standard Bluetooth Keyboard]# exit
    [DEL] Controller CC:B8:A8:12:97:51 vero [default]
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how do i do that?

Get a terminal up as described here Accessing the command line

Then just type bluetoothctl and all the commands in the list above when you get a prompt [bluetooth]#

You need to substitute the long set of numbers you get for my example 08:B7:38:20:46:C5

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got it, thanks.

@younginfamous also a tip. Bluetoothctl supports tab completion so you can just type pair 08: and press the tab key to get the whole number