Bluetooth speak failed to connect. please help

Hi there, i am a complete beginner, I have RP3 and installed OSMC, the bluetooth detects my bluetooth speaker but it fails to connect.

I have read a lot of the bluetooth threads and it says that the RP3 bluetooth is now supported in OSMC, but i don’t know how to get it to work, can anyone help or point me to the right direction or article please?

If i bought a bluetooth dongle, would that be an alternative workaround? if so is there a list of OSMC supported dongles?

many thanks in advance.


Pretty sure the bluetooth dongles in the OSMC store are supported :slight_smile: Search for the bluetooth testing thread as it is still experimental, there are some things that need to be installed.

Thank you Dilligaf, I will have a look at the thread.

Is this the thread?