Bluetooth trouble after latest update, 5 seconds until the Vero 4k is responsive on Harmony actvity start

No, it’s still 193.

Do you have the 5 second delay upon starting your Vero 4k activity?

I don’t know. My Denon receiver takes at least 5 seconds to start, so I never use the remote during the first 5 seconds.

Here it takes about 5 seconds AFTER my Denon has fired up and the OSMC screen is showing… After a change of activity.

I believe that the hub only starts repairing Bluetooth after the activity has successfully started completely.

Here is a problem: you can not edit or create anything in the harmony app without upgrading the firmware… so if you want to avoid 193, you better have a perfectly running setup.

I actually had to downgrade again after finding that out. So annoying… and yes, the delay was back again after the app upgraded the hub to 193.

This has also started happening to me (Vero 4K + Logitech Elite). I noticed it occurring before the OSMC July update, so I assume there’s no relation.

Is there a communication channel to report this to Logitech? I would like that they repair the firmware ASAP; a little nudging from our end wouldn’t hurt things.

Can anyone confirm that this problem does occur with other deviced than the Vero 4k on firmware 4.15.193? If you have another device controlled by the harmony hub via bluetooth ,please check if it will end pairing upon ending the activity and requires repairing when immediately restarting the activity. That is the only way to find out of the problem is not limited to the Hub with the Vero 4k.

Because if not, we have to ask Sam for help. Maybe something the Vero 4k does forces the hub to end pairing or something the hub communicates to the Vero 4k forces the Vero 4k to end the pairing. The hub probably communicates „something“ to the Vero 4k when the activity ends, at least that is my guess.

anyway I started a thread on the official harmony forum:


That Logitech support forum is horrible. Complete waste of time as the information never makes it to the devs.

The problem is that Logitech just recently updates their appds, it starts the update process on app start and not just when you edit an activity. It is like Logitech wants you to have the shitty 4.15.193 firmware.

I don‘t buy Logitech products for a reason, unfortunately there is no real alternative to harmony.

Here is my advice for anyone having the troubles mentioned:

Change the starting sequence of your Vero 4k harmony activity and put the Vero 4k first (Windows PC or whatever you use). That way the first thing the harmony hub does is to establish the bluetooth connection, which is so painfully slow with their new firmware. After that, it will start your TV and AVR. Both might start 2-3 seconds later than usual, which is strange at first but ultimately less frustrating than seeing your Kodi interface and having 2-3 seconds (or more) to wait for anything to do.

There is no way around that rotten firmware anymore as all harmony apps (tested ios and android) will force a firmware update on app start.

Partial blame is on the Vero 4k though because of all devices tested, it is by far the slowest to get bluetooth started on activity start.

What devices are you testing with? I can see what we can do but would like it if you gave us something to benchmark against.


@Sam: Primarily the shield tv, which seems to establish a connection of already paired device so fast, that it is already established well before the TV and the AVR are on (They need 1-2 seconds). The Vero 4k needs around 5 seconds, which is way longer than the TV/AVR need to become full functional, hence the delay of any input from the harmony.

Is anyone else experiencing this?

Yes, I have two harmony hubs/Vero4k setups and they both have that 5 second delay when you first select the vero4k activity.
It doesn’t really bother me enough to complain about it. Especially since the Bluetooth connection is soo much better than the builtin IR.

BlueZ probably is a bit slow to pair.


Any chance to speed it up under Linux / OSMC?

The Android devices I tested, mainly the shield but even my cheap chinese smartphone, are way faster.

My gut feeling is that the new behavior of the Logitech Hub is intented to meet some green standards in standby, hence the termination of the connection when you end an activity. So the slow connecting process would be a permanent problem.

It’s something we can look in to.

Maybe @Chillbo or someone familiar with SSH can test with command line pairing and we can see what stage of pairing is causing delays.

We did update BT firmware in the July update, but I’d be surprised if that’s a factor.


Just to clear the words pairing and connecting. Pairing for me is the process when two devices recognize themselfes for the first time, and connecting for me is the process of two devices - which already know each other - working together.

Because pairing is not the problem, it is done one time and that‘s it. Also the Vero 4k does not lose the pairing. The problem is the long period of time that the Vero 4k / OSMC needs to have an already paired device connected and fully working again. That takes 5 seconds each time and is much longer than Android devices need.

Haven’t updated to the newest hub firmware and as my avitites are perfect at the moment, I’m lucky that I don’t need to update… But I can gladly test some things some time :+1:t2:

We need to be careful here, because faster pairing can cause battery drain. We also have some energy saving measures, but this is to preserve battery. I know we had issues with PS3 BD remote drain in the past.