Bluetooth troubles with Pi3 and Android

after spending the long weekend setting up my brand new Pi3 and after solving several annoying chicken-egg problems that didn’t exist last time I set up a new Pi, there is just one problem remaining.

A family member saw that the Pi3 has Bluetooth and asked if he could connect his Android phone.
So we both went to the Bluetooth menu, found each other and I choose “Pair with Pin” (just like in the manual/wiki).

In contrast to the wiki now both the phone and osmc said “Confirm passkey 123456 - Yes/No”. If we both choose “yes” the phone will say its successfully connected while osmc will add it to the list of paired devices, but complain that the connection failed.
Any other method I could think off means it fails of both devices and will not be added to the paired list.

Any idea whats wrong?

What can you do with a Bluetooth connected smartphone anyway? Sharing photos and videos would be nice, but does that work out of the box, or do you need an app for that? (which?)


This functions will come in a future version with BT Player. For the time being the main usage would be for AD2P if you follow this thread