Boblight / Hyperion installation guide anyone?


Does anyone has an installation guide for Boblight / Hyperion just like we had for Crystalbuntu ?

I’m talking about a combination of Boblight / Hyperion + Arduino (Uno) + WS2801 LED’s.


Isnt this kinda like what your looking for ?

since i dont own any apple products its kinda hard to verify if any of it works but perhaps @Spinner can be of some use here

Unfortunately I can’t help much at all.
I’ve never run ambilight/boblight etc (nor cared to bother trying).

As newkind mentions, there were 2 different tutorials for this on Crystalbuntu.
One is still in the kodi forum:

and the other can be found in the internet archive:

Maybe the author is still active and can be contacted via the kodi forums ?