Boblight support on RasPi?

Just wondering if osmc will have boblight support on RasPi?
I’m running osmc from a RasPi2 now, and haven’t tried boblight on my old rasPi’s.
I have Boblight running on my livingroom computer with an Arduino… and thinking about replacing that with a RasPi2.


I think Hyperion is the preferred solution now.


oh… thanx… didn’t know about that…
I see there are a lot of topics on Hyperion…

Thanx for the quick answer… :smile:

Please wait not runing on osmc bobolight?

I have finally discovered because not work my boblight at OSMC in Raspberrypi 2

I modified source and working very fine!

Hi there,

I am also having issues setting up Boblight with OSMC, hoping you had the same issue as me and can assist!

I get an error “This add-on needs a binary library…” even though I already placed the boblight.conf file in /etc.

I’d be extremely grateful with any assistance. I have already purchased the WS2801 and it’s going to waste :frowning: