/boot folder empty after a hard restart

Hi. I am having the same problem I was having here (HDMI not working. OSMC on Raspberry Pi 3B is suddenly dead - #5 by TibiusReynolds) again. My solution before was to reinstall everything. But now that the exact same problem is recurring, reinstalling every time seems to not be the real solution.

I am wondering at this point if this is just a bug in OSMC.

I realize that a hard restart (unplugging the Raspberry Pi from electricity) is not ideal, but it shouldn’t cause an unrecoverable data loss that renders the entire system useless. And this seems to be what has happened now twice in a row.

After it got unplugged from the electrical socket and then plugged in again, it won’t boot. And when I put the SD card into my laptop to assess the mess, the /boot folder is completely empty.

Try a new sdcard

Was this with the same SD card? Have you tested that card with h2testw to make sure it is not a fake? We have has a couple users report their config.txt disappearing but I think it is just you and one other person who has lost their entire boot partition.

Hi. Thanks for your response. I just tried a fresh install with a brand new SD card that took out of the sealed box. We’ll see how this goes…

(The previous install was with an SD card that was working for years. I suppose there is a chance that the old SD card went bad in a very specific way, but this possibility strikes me as odd. It seems more likely with two people reporting this problem that the bug is somewhere else…)

It makes sense your SD is bad. FAT32 isn’t very robust and isn’t journaled. You may have had corruption on the ext4 partition too but it was just less obvious.