Boot Loop / Sad Face - cant start Kodi

Hello Guys,

I did an Update on my Vero4k. Via myOSMC Addon, but some time ago prior to that also in SSH session with apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade)

Now, my device is not booting into Kodi anymore. It’s stuck at sad face.
I already moved my Kodi-profile. It’s not the problem.
Already tried booting without attached HDMI or USB devices or LAN cable - not success.

I’ve uploaded my logs:

Seems like there’s something wrong with libcec?!

Any help would be highly appreciated :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance.

Your apt sources.list includes buster-devel which is currently under repair. I think you will have to re-install from the latest image.

Copy your .kodi directory out first to an external disk so you can restore your settings.

What does “under repair” mean?

so should i edit the sources.list ? i dunno what buster-devel means, i can remember that i added it a long time ago (i guess for a beta or something) might be…

i already moved my .kodi Folder to ~/kodi.bak

The staging repository is for v19 testing. It is a work in progress.


I removed the buster-devel from sources.list.

How do i install the current version of kodi now? which command ?

Move your .kodi folder to external media - reinstallation will wipe the device.

Then see

Have a look here: SadfaceBootloop - #9 by Strampi5

The trouble is, you’re also now on the development kernel, so a reinstall might be the preferable solution.

Thanks everyone.

I reinstalled OSMC and set it up as a new device (long overdue :D).

Good luck with v19, looking forward to it!

Have a nice weekend.

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