Boot to SD Card by default

I’m currently running Armbian on the Vero 4k+, booting it from the SD Card using the toothpick method.

Are there any ways I could default the boot process to the SD Card instead of the emmc? I don’t want to mess with emmc and would like to avoid using the toothpick everytime I need to reboot the box.


If you have a dtb and kernel on the SD card the OSMC bootloader will normally boot from those without a toothpick. Does the armbian install mess with the boot parameters (eg with a aml autoscript on the SD card)?

I did attempt Armbian on Vero4k a while back but didn’t get very far. Is it easy?

Ok, I feel so stupid now. There is an autoscript file and Armbian is actually booting without the toothpick method. Thanks for the heads up!

The Armbian installation is pretty easy. I just followed this guide: Installation Instructions for TV Boxes with Amlogic CPUs - FAQ - Armbian Community Forums

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@pauloagt @grahamh
Hi, I’ve bought a new Vero V, and was thinking of repurposing my existing 4k+ as a simple homeserver and installing Armbian. A few questions if I may:

(i) In general how well does Armbian run on the 4k+ (with 2gb ram)?

(ii) Would you know if there’s a real risk of bricking it if installing on the emmc? And would it be possible to reinstall the firmware (as indicated in the link)


You could use OSMC as the server and just disable Kodi.

I didn’t think that was possible, that was kodi was baked into osmc. How would I turn off?

And how long would the OSMC 4K+ be supported with updates/security etc?


sudo systemctl disable mediacenter.service