Booting to USB HDD and fan removed

Firstly I’d like to thank Sam and all the developers for getting Apple TV off the ground again. I’ve been playing around with this install since its launch a few months ago, using a couple of Apple TV’s and about 4 or 5 different hard drives and I have come to the conclusion steaming large files seems to work better using the USB image. A couple of years ago I had an Apple TV running Crystal Ubuntu which I had booting straight to USB with the HDD and fan removed this was done by modifying the file and the fstab file on the USB using instructions off the internet. This setup was ideal for keeping the heat to a minimum plus I only use my Apple TV for streaming, I used this system until it was no longer supported. This brings me to the question, can I boot the Apple TV straight to USB and remove the HDD and fan using the USB image? I still have the instruction but the boot files aren’t exactly the same. My understanding of Linux is very limited; any help would be greatly appreciated.


The installer will detect the lack of HDD and adjust and /etc/fstab accordingly. Just choose a -USB image.