Bought osmc it sucks

I am taking you to court

I bought OSMC off of eBay from a ‘verified OSMC seller’ who is apparently in affiliation with you guys.

None of the “Genesis streams work”

None of the Live TV streams work

The torrent client didn’t work either

OSMC is free. It is not sold on eBay or anywhere else. You were had by a scammer. Sorry, but we’re not responsible for this. Please provide a link to the eBay item.

Ok don’t lie. I paid for it from a seller on eBay and he is ‘power seller’. He said he in partnership with osmc.

I am going to have to take legal action because it seems the software i downloaded to reinitialiate the ystem has a virus

You obviously don’t have any idea how this works. And we have no control over what lies an eBay “power seller” tells you. Link the item and seller please. You can take all the legal action you want but you will only be wasting more of your time and money.


OSMC is free software.

We provide official peripherals for our users at but they don’t have any addons included. We don’t (at the time of writing) have any dealings with eBay at all, so it seems like you’ve had a bad experience here but we have nothing to do with that.

Please link me to the eBay listing and PM me a link to the installer sent


lol you just made my night funniest thing ive heard in a long time even my nan wouldn’t have fallen for that one you how thick can you be I got a tub of elbow gease here you can buy that for £20 if you like :smile:

i bought this

and they say it is partnership with you

anyway it is your software so if you don’t fix it i still take you to court ;). i have a written contract. that is how payment works

i send you link in message

Where does it say there is a partnership with OSMC? Why don’t you go sue XBMC, it’s right there in the graphic!!

well obviously befre i sue someone i ask who responsible an that what he say via email!

HE is responsible for your loss and no one else… Good luck to you.

Hi again,

I have checked the installer you were sent. That’s not our installer at all and does not match any of our published MD5s for our installer… It doesn’t appear to be our installer with quick string analysis but I’m definitely not opening that… It seems to be a toolbar…

  • The official OSMC Installer is at Download - OSMC. Your SD card in that eBay listing looks junk but the Pi itself will be good, so if you’re stuck with it you can at least get this working.
  • Try and raise a PayPal or eBay dispute

Good luck, I’ll be in touch with that seller. They’re free to sell OSMC but not to imply that we support their package in any way.


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Sorry but must persue legal action on all fronts an that includes osmc because software is not doing what it is meant to but he actually did. he delivered the items.

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You should probably sue Genesis as well since none of their streams work to provide you with pirated content… Just to be thorough…

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I’ve tried to help.

Just a heads up that use of OSMC is subject to our end user license agreement (you must accept this to the software). In short: the software ships with as little warranty as permitted by law.


Sam, you’ve treated this troll better than I would. He’s obviously out to waste everyone’s time. Either that, or he’s extremely naïve and has no clue as to what it costs to sue someone.

To the OP - OSMC has nothing to do with the seller who scammed you. Take action against the seller via eBay - that’s what eBay is there for.


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If stupidity was a crime, you would be very guilty :smiley:



Bought a Rpi with OSMC installed on a card from Ebay.
You can’t get the illegal streaming services to work.
So you want to sue OSMC…

People, please take note.
The OP is a prime example of the people who are inheriting the earth.
I fear for the future of mankind.


Rather than blaming the OSMC team, why don’t you make use of:

Ship it back and/or file a complaint with eBay and ask for a refund.

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Quality, made me laugh.

oh, this is classic! If there were a “best of”, this should be included!! :slight_smile: