Brand new 4K Vero, not working after update

I received my brand new Vero 4K today, followed the instructions, plugged it in, got it working - but several of my video files on an external hard drive would not play, yet they do play with my WD TV Live box. There aren’t any weird filenames, some MP4’s for example play, other MP4’s do not. Also, some of my foreign language films could not detect any .srt subtitles or those embedded within MKV files.
So I plugged my ethernet cable into the little black box, hooked it onto the internet and did a download and install of the latest updates and now it does absolutely nothing.
I have a blue light on the front of the box, but there’s no signal going to my TV, the remote does nothing, I just have a black screen as if nothing is connected.
I am NOT particularly computer-smart and I’m most likely doing something obviously wrong, but this seems strange considering it was working earlier this afternoon, albeit with flaws I hoped the update might fix.
Any ideas Vero 4kers?

If you’re using the TV remote to control the Vero4K, it might have lost its (CEC) connection to the TV, so you see a (very) dimmed screen and no way to bring it back to full brightness.

If you can access the command line you can restart Kodi with

sudo systemctl restart mediacenter

If that fails to bring back a picture, the next step is to reboot the Vero4K:

sudo reboot

Details regarding how to access the command line interface can be found here on our Wiki: Accessing the command line - General - OSMC

Many thanks for that swift reply, but I have NO IDEA what you just wrote about.

Dimmed screen? Nope. There’s nothing at all.

Access command line? Totally lost me.

Sudo reboot. No idea what that is.

How can I do these things if the device isn’t doing anything?

Do I need a computer-related degree to operate this thing? It’s going back if so; my WD TV Live was just about easy enough.

Understood. The device might be partially working even if no picture is shown.

The last paragraph tells you how to access the command line.

Nope, but we need a bit more information.

Is there a light on the front of the unit?
Is it plugged directly in to the wall?

Edit: I see from your original post you say there’s a blue light. Try another HDMI cable and make sure source is correct on the TV.


After about 3 hours of being ‘dead’ the unit came back on.

Is that normal after an update?

However no obvious changes, that I needed, have been made. There’s still a sub-title issue in that it cannot detect certain subs, whilst other films play WITH sub-titles when I don’t need them (on English language films for example) with no obvious way of switching them off.

Plus there are still quite a few video files the device cannot play yet my Mac and WDTV play them without an issue.

Finally, the power cable supplied with the Vero 4K is a little ratty - the plastic is torn exposing the wires inside.

Oh, and does the dongle need to be plugged into a USB port for the remote control to work? That SEEMS to be the case.

Many thanks

No that is not normal, it normally should be ready after reboot. Maybe related to you power supply experience.

What is the mediainfo for that file? If that are VC-1 files there is a fix coming with the coming update.
Please see the mediainfo section in How to submit a useful support request - General - OSMC

That sounds strange, suggest you take a picture and sent it to @sam_nazarko as basically every box is hand packed.

Yes the remote is RF do give the best coverage (without LOS) so you need the USB dongle for it to work.

Ping me your order # and we will get you a new power supply


Scrap that, found your order # on our Store and got you a new PSU out in today’s post. This will be with you on Saturday morning.

Please report back when you get it.

Many thanks indeed all you assisting me here; it’s greatly appreciated.

Please find attached a photo of the power cable I received, although I see Sam has kindly sent out a replacement already. I’ve been a bit slow on the uptake looking at these posts due to life getting in the way…

My certain video files not playing issue I have managed to resolve and thought it worth mentioning in case others have the same problem.
I have a Mac (I don’t know what the PC equivalent is) but within the information for the files that were not reading I noticed a similarity across the board - they all had ‘No access’ highlighted in sharing permissions for everyone, so I merely changed them all to ‘read only’ and now they’re recognised and play!

The device hasn’t ‘died’ for several hours again, although I’m just 48hrs in with it.

I HAVE now managed to find out how to turn on and off sub-titles for foreign-language films.

The only issue now is very minor, but the system is a bit slow on response time. If I hit play to start a video file I get a black screen for 5 seconds and then once the picture pops up playing it is 5 seconds in from the start of the film/program.
Sometimes the little OSMC symbol is animated on-screen after hitting play, other times not. Then when I stop playing a video file I get approx 3 seconds of black before the main menu reappears.

ONE FINAL QUESTION:- If I buy an 8TB external Hard-drive (Seagate most likely) and fill it full of my video files, will it play nicely with the Vero 4k? Or is only 6TB and under the safe bet? The 8TB WILL be an externally powered hard drive.

HUGE THANKS ALL. I am happy with the device and the after sales service is fantastic!

This is your TV being slow to change refresh rate. You can disable “adjust refresh rate” in settings which would remove that switching which should be fine for most cases but you might see certain playbacks not be ideal.

As long as it is powered by itself the size should not be a limit

Thanks for your help, fzinken!
I disabled the refresh rate and do indeed get a smooth non-lagging playback.
I’ve ordered an external 8TB mains-powered hard drive now; fingers crossed it’ll play all my video files.

Replacement power cable received this morning - a great many thanks!